In Memory

Lehman Louis McKlowsky, II

Lehman Louis McKlowsky, IIThe 1988 yearbook was dedicted to the memory of Lee.

Lehman, better known to us as Lee or Thumper, came to A.I. in 1985 as a sophomore. He came from New Jersey where he grew up. He loved to roll V.W. bugs and work on cars, but mostly, he loved to spend time with his family and his friends.

In his senior year, Lee took part in the Co-op program so that he could spend half of his day with his first love: the automobile. Needless to say, he was an active student of Auto Mechanics.

Justice can not be done with words. So I shall simply say that I, for one, have never had so much love and respect for one person. Lee was the one who stood on the smoking court at lunch time and made me laugh, or cheered those who looked like they needed it. He listed when I wanted to talk. Because I respect him, I must learn from him, as must we all. We must cherish the time we had with him.

So, when you hear a Zeppelin tune, or see a smokin' Camaro - Smile don't Cry!

With Love, Maggie Durnin Johnson

After speaking with Maggie again in 2008, she said that Lee was also very close to his sisters and their children, he loved cars and was a young man of great tenderness and integrity.

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Thomas Hogan

Lee was my Electronics lab partner and we had a blast eveyday in Bowman's class. "I wish you two nitwits would go back to work!" - Lee Bowman

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